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Welcome to the After Death Communication community. Here you will find a place where your thoughts, experiences, and questions are safe. Where you can find understanding support and information that many people who have had a near death experiences & OBEs, and interactions from the other side of the veil are looking for.

May 15, 2021  -  5:00pm EDT

IANDS.ISGO Presents 

A Moment with Maren

Talking about Personal Mediumship and what it means to be connected to the other side of the veil. 

Mountain Lake Reflection

Our relationship with the natural world and its systems are important components when it comes to personal mediumship. The earth alone operates through complex systems of integrated balance, and we harmonize with these systems. These systems are at the very core of who we are. Through personal mediumship we will learn that many tenets of ecotherapy, that we are not separate from each other, but actually part of a greater system of connections.

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After Death Experience 

Read and Share NDE Stories

A Global Community

The world of veiled experiences is growing. No longer are the subjects forbidden to talk about or looked down upon. People are feeling more at ease asking their questions and sharing their experiences. As this community grows you will find more and more people who have similar experiences. Join us each week as we highlight stories and questions submitted. 


Having the ability to talk with others or share your stories, our weekly support groups offer places of refuge for those going through mourning, for those re-engaging to the world around after a near death experiences, and other spiritually transformative experiences. You are welcome to join us to listen, ask questions, or share.

Livestream Classes

We offer a myriad of live stream webinar classes. The classes range from tuning into the spiritual senses, understanding personal meditations, forms of after death communications, grieving and types of loss.

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Do I Need a Medium to Get Signs from the Other Side of the Veil?

Not necessarily, because you are already connected.

But it can be helpful to talk with someone about your questions and sometimes to receive certain messages.

To participate in our sharing groups, or to see the schedule, please sign in or join our community.

Share Together Online   

There are many benefits to hearing and sharing ADC experiences

Some people who have participated in sharing and bereavement groups say the experience gave them an emotional connection when they felt isolated from friends and family.


Sharing groups allow people to tell their experiences or to just listen in and this is one of the most valuable elements of participating in a share or bereavement group. Moreover, ADC sharing and bereavement groups offer people the opportunity to release powerful emotions they may otherwise keep to themselves.